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The One Five Days Before the London Marathon …

My current internal monologue …

Oh God, I have a muffin top. Tapering is making me fat. 

Would cropped running tights or full length make me look slimmer. Must remember to do a fat-test in the mirror later. Add that to the to-do list.

I only wish I had had a more positive response to the question ‘Can I wear Spanx whilst running a marathon?’

[To boyf] Wake up!! Do you think I’m putting weight on? I think I’ve put weight on.

[Boyf briefly opens his eyes with a look I’ve seen on wildlife documentaries, right before the lion eats its prey. Makes a token ‘You’re not fat’ comment and rolls over]

Well, I have put weight on. And I don’t think I’ve put in enough training. This is going to be a nightmare. Should I do a long-ish run tonight? 

No, you shouldn’t run tonight, you mentalist! It’s five days before the marathon. This isn’t in the plan. STICK TO THE PLAN.

I think my knees aching. Is it an ache or a pain? Pain score it. 

Erm, it’s a 6. Is 6 good or bad? I need emergency physio. 

How early can I call the physio? What time is it anyway? 6am!!!

Why can’t I sleep beyond 6am anymore? This has happened every morning for almost a week. 

I bet I oversleep on Sunday morning. Must remember to set more than one alarm. Add that to the to-do list. I’m probably going to need another bit of paper. It’s quite long. 

Is everyone else running London going through this?

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