The One Where I Run for Therapy …

I did two runs this weekend and the more miles I do, the more I feel like me again. Sometimes life takes over and you become a product of what’s going on around you. And then sometimes you get out for a run and everything just feels that little bit better. Mile by mile we learn to heal ourselves.



4 thoughts on “The One Where I Run for Therapy …

  1. Nicky Race says:

    Hi. Just read your article in the Guardian – thank you for writing it. It is good to know there are others going through what I am….. a runner, just starting the journey of ivf…

    I too think running will get me through, whatever the outcome

    • gregoryhelen says:

      Thanks for sharing your story with me too. All too often these things are kept in the dark and I just feel like if we’re honest about it all, we’ll get better support. Good luck with your cycle. I’m sending you lots of positive thoughts. x

  2. Adriana Quintero says:

    Also read your article. Swapped my old aerobics shoes for Mizuno’s 5 years ago when running helped me get my self confidence back (unemployed and 15kg overweight). I had no control of my life, but I was going to control my body, will and discipline. I started walking and after a couple of months reached my first 5km as a thank you for a Job interview (which I got). Then joined an athletics Group with a great trainer – I made it to half marathon. I am now 42, left running a year ago due to grueling word schedule. Just been through fertility treatment (pre-IVF, I had a septum in my cervix I had no idea about). Am now living the joy and dread of 6 week pregnancy of my first child at my age. Started bleeding yesterday and will have first pregnancy scan today to see if all well or not. I hope for the best.

    Regardless, you reminded me of the joy of those few instants when your body feels powerful, weightless and your mind is at peace. I will return. Thank you.

    • gregoryhelen says:

      I’m so sorry that I only just came to this comment. I hope you’re okay and that whatever has happened since you wrote this, you’re in a good place. I am sending you so much positivity, hope and best wishes. x

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