The One Where I Reminisce Before London …

As I approach the final few days before the London Marathon, my mind has been busy[insert montage music fade in]. A lot of my thoughts have involved complex toilet calculations, last minute spray tan appointments and a crippling fear of looking fat in photographs and not being able to untag them on Facebook before everyone on my friend list has seen them. And some thoughts have been looking back at my running journey.  And it’s been eventful! 

Learning to Run, London 2012

I started running during the London Olympics because I was inspired by the amazing athletes and really, really wanted a six pack like Jessica Ennis. I was joined on those early morning runs in Victoria Park in Hackney by the Kenyan Olympics running team. Admittedly I saw them for half a second before they disappeared and I was left screaming at my iPhone trying to get the camera to work.  But that brief glimpse was enough inspiration for me to carry on running. 


The photography skills of a Ninja

Secret Tuesday Running Club, 2012

I started a running club at work with two friends, B and H. We all agreed it would be a secret as we didn’t want to be seen in our running kit. The secret lasted about four seconds but we kept the name, going out shouting STRC around the streets of London every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime. Long live STRC.


Hadleigh Olympic Mountain Bike Course, 10km run, 2013

Okay, so I learnt a few valuable lessons here – when booking a race always read the terrain details, never run down a muddy hill with an iPhone in your hand and if you say you want Jaffa Cakes enough, they will appear.


Where’s Wally 10k run, 2013

Another triumph of my race planning for STRC. This was the first time this event was staged and who was to know it would be snowing and minus temperatures in March, but having no bag drop meant we all had to turn up in running kit, no coat, wait around in the cold for an hour till our core body temperature was lower than that of someone stranded at sea for three days and then run six miles, all whilst dressed as Where’s Wally. Where’s Wally? I couldn’t give a f*** where Wally is. Where’s my god damned fleece?


Croydon Half Marathon, 2013

So I decided the best way to train for a half marathon was to run a half marathon. Genius. It nearly killed me. At one point I was crying and hyperventilating whilst continuing to run. This is my version of a triathlon – cry, hyperventilate and run.


Great North Run, 2013

Crossing the finish line of the Great North Run whilst my family watched on was a scene I carried in my head during all of those early runs. When I was struggling to run for ten minutes, I kept reminding myself how amazing it would be to run the Great North Run with my family cheering me over the finish line.  At no point did I imagine I would be involved in a collision with Bagpuss as I ran to the finish banner. I somehow managed to hurdle the poor sod and didn’t look back. No way was I adding seconds onto my time to help him up. I had a PB to get!  



Three days to go …


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3 thoughts on “The One Where I Reminisce Before London …

  1. dgobs says:

    I love the idea of the Secret Tuesday Running Club! I used to try to sneak in a run during lunch, and I’d always change in secret loos and run far away from my building so that no one would see me in my kit. I wish I had running coworkers to start a secret run club with!

    The Where’s Wally run looks hilarious… and cold! Did the race organizers provide the shirts and hats? Everyone looks so well coordinated!

    Best of luck in the marathon!!

    • gregoryhelen says:

      Haha, yes the organisers supplied the costume. It was a funny sight to see a load of freezing cold Wallys running around!

      Highly recommend STRC! I bet you’d find someone to run with.

  2. Jenny says:

    I would love to run at lunchtimes here, but we have no showers. Booo. I could just have a baby wipe wash mind!

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