The One Where the Madness Begins …

Okay, so it’s three weeks until the London Marathon and I’ve gone mad. Actually mad. For anyone who read my blog around the time of my Great North Run last year, you’ll be familiar with how my mind works and should have expected some kind of mental breakdown this close to race day. For those who haven’t read those insane blog posts, good luck, you’re entering a world of madness and meltdowns.



Final details!

 Last week I had a week off running. I know all of the advice on tapering says DO NOT STOP RUNNING!! But I felt so exhausted after my last long run (15 miles) that I could barely walk to my office from the station without my legs threatening to give out.  So I stopped and had a week of stretching, foam rollering and early nights. It was amazing. However, this extra time gave my mind chance to wander around in circles and generally drive me insane. This is what I’ve been thinking about.

  1. Can I run in a pair of Spanx? This seems much easier than the core exercises I’m currently doing day and night.
  2. Is it wrong to consider my pre-race spray tan as essential as my final sports massage?
  3. Will my family make it to London okay or will they get stuck in some football-related traffic on the A1 (Dad, thanks for adding that recent worry to my list!)
  4. What if I’m the last person out there and have to move out of the way for the road cleaning team at the back? Oh God.
  5. I get my period on race day! Most period days feel like my insides are trying to eat their way out of my body whilst my mind looks on and cries to itself. How is this conducive to running 26 miles?
  6. How is my relationship going to last the next three weeks? The last few months have been bad enough – tears before and after runs, missing toe nails, unflattering injury tape all over my legs, and now three weeks of meltdowns. Good look boyf!

20 long days to go …

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2 thoughts on “The One Where the Madness Begins …

  1. dgobs says:

    Oh gosh, I’d be totally the same way… my brain does crazy things before silly little 5K races, I can only imagine what it’d be doing before a marathon!

    4) If that happens, maybe it will be like Run Fatboy Run and you’ll have news crews following you and the whole country pulling for you!

    5) This is also what I’d be worrying most about. Apparently exercise helps lessen symptoms, so fingers crossed that that’s the case! That, and Naprosyn.


  2. gregoryhelen says:

    Haha, I could really do without news crews and periods!

    I’m the same before 5ks/10ks/half marathons. I reckon I’m just a born worrier!! Surely we all are?!

    Good luck with your running. You’ll be up to a marathon at some point. Running is so addictive!


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