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The Day After the London Marathon

I just saw this video and it really cracked me up. Slightly worried that I’m actually already walking like this. I hate to think what I’ll look like on April 14th.

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The one where I’m Injured, not injured, injured, not injured …

Today I ache. A lot. Since I last blogged this has happened:

  1. I ran 12 miles. Yay!
  2. I put my back out running 12 miles. Not so yay.
  3. My knees healed. Yay!
  4. I ran a half marathon and now my knees ache again. Not so yay.

Extreme knee taping

It’s fair to say that my marathon training has been turbulent. I’ve questioned myself, screamed in frustration, argued with my boyf, cried with pain and laughed in the face of strong head winds. It’s been a rollercoaster. And there are still seven weeks to go. I do not know how my nerves or knees will stand it.

Since my knee injury in November I’ve come close to deferring my entry to the marathon on at least five occasions and I’ve been inconsolable every time. Usually this outburst is followed by one pain free run and then I’m back to thinking I might be able to run the marathon.

Obviously this has caused me some stress and a considerable amount of anxiety. This is not good. At this point in my training I was hoping to be running long distances and looking forward to the day. Instead I’m a ball of anxious energy, liable to cry at any moment and I’m covered in freeze gel and heat pads.


At the finish line – just need to run double that in seven weeks!

I just hope crossing that finish line will be worth it.

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